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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Earn Money Online with Chitika PPC/Referrals Programs

Chitika is PPC (Paid Per Click) Ad networking system which is the best alternative of Google AdSense. There are a few things which we will need to earn money with Chitika.  

Learn How To Earn Online Money from Chitika PPC

First, you need to have a good blog or website because Chitika gives ad code which you have to add in your blog or site as I have added ad code below post titles in my blogs. Then after adding that code, The ads will start appearing and when any user/reader/visitor will click on that ad, you will get paid. As more clicks you will get from your visitors and more revenue you will earn from Chitika. But you can not click on your ad because it's against the rules of Chitika. All the clicks will be verified from the Chitika engineers.

Second one is traffic because if you have less traffic then you will earn little revenue. You can also boost your earnings by making referrals.

How Can I Make Referrals ?

This process is not too difficult friends because this is very easy. You just have to take referral links from referral program page and share it with friends and when they will join Chitika from your referral link, You will get 10% Commission. You can also add banner in your website in order to invite your visitors to join the Chitika. The 10% Commission is not taken from your referrals earnings, It's a reward from Chititka.

How Can I Receive The Payment ?

There are two payment methods in Chitika. First one is PayPal, You can receive your revenue at the end of the every month. You may connect your Paypal account with Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank account in order to get the cash in you hand. Your minimum payment for the Paypal account will be only $10. The second one is Check. Chitika will send a Check to your address at the end of the every month and the minimum payment for the check is $50.


  • Payment Method : PayPal and Check
  • Minimum Payment For Paypal : $10
  • Minimum Payment For Check : $50
  • Referral Program : Available !
  • Referral Commission : 10% Commission
  • Payment Time : At The End Of Every Month

So Friends, What are you waiting For ? Join Chitika today and Earn Money


  1. I've tried many ties to create an account in chitika but every times they said they couldn't find my site and got unsuccessful to create an account. Please would you help me to create account at chitika?

    my blog URL is

  2. After viewing your website, I think there is not any matter of rejecting your site for chitika's publisher program. Click on the link below to create account at Chitika. If any problem persists, let me know. I'll always be here to help you.

  3. You can also create chitika account by clicking the link (Join Chitika today and Earn Money) provided at the bottom of this article.